The Great Redoubt

the american redoubtThe Great Redoubt

You may or may not have heard of the movement that is being called “The Great Redoubt” or “The American Redoubt” but it’s an important term to become familiar with. This term describes the action of many American to relocate to mountain and northern states. It’s quickly becoming a popular term in Idaho, Western Washington, Western Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming.

The reason for the migration to these states is based on the direction our country has gone in recent years. Many changes have been seen in our government and citizens are beginning to take notice. The answer for many living across the United States is to relocate themselves and their families to our neck of the woods so to speak.

This information is important to all of us living in the region because you may have noticed an influx of of people in the area and an increase in building project. New business are coming to these areas and many new homes have been and are being built as we speak. Recently when speaking to a North Idaho resident, he noted that usually just after Labor Day the crowds of “tourists” are no longer found and that the place “becomes a ghost town” he said that wasn’t the case this time and that the following weekend was just as populated as it was all summer. This suggests that this time they were not tourists but new residents.

In the area of Newport Washington, I’ve noticed more building projects this year than I have in the last 10 years. As I tour towns in North Idaho I notice many many new projects and housing communities are being established, as well as, a housing rental shortage. This all suggests that the movement is real and is underway.

I write this now not to go into all the details but to simple familiarize you with the term so that you can begin to do research on this movement.



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