Shopko Coming Soon to Newport-Oldtown

Shopko Coming Soon to Newport-Oldtown 

Until now it’s not been very often that we see new businesses come to our area, but the rumors turn out to be true, a Shopko is coming to town and the building process is already underway!

At this point three new business are set to move in next to Ace and across from Albany Falls True Value. This is a big step in the right direction and could spur on new growth for the area. As of now we know Shopko is coming, but the other two businesses are yet to be determined.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What this means for the area? Well, first we’ll have a new selection of products to choose from and it’s sure to bring in a few much needed employment opportunities. If fact they are already hiring and we’ve gathered some info for you below.

Employment Opportunities at Shopko
If you would like to get ahead of the game and apply for store positions, now you can do so at the employment section of the Shopko website just look through the list until you see “Oldtown.”

From what we hear one of the other two new businesses should be a new fast-food establishment! Personally I’ve got my fingers crossed for Del-Taco. I have not heard anything that makes me think that’s what it will be but that would be my personal choice.



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