Newport Rodeo Carnival and Parade

Newport Rodeo Carnival and Parade Coming June 23-24 to Newport – Pend Oreille 2017

Come join the excitement of the annual Newport Rodeo Carnival and Parade at the Newport rodeo and fair grounds.  The fun will kick off on Thursday with the start of the Paradise Amusement Carnival.newport carnaval

There will be fun for the whole family including exciting rides such as the zipper for teens and adults, children rides include a mary-go-round, ferris wheel and more. The Midway offers fun games and challenges for all.

The "Zipper" ride set up at the Lane County Fair in Eugene.Friday evening will be the start of the Newport Rodeo and will feature all events!

Join in on Saturday morning for the Cowboy Breakfast, then join the fun as the parade winds it’s way though-out the town. At the Newport City Park there will be a free concert as the carnival continues into the evening.

Take a look the official Rodeo website for more information.


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