Metaline & Metaline Falls

Metaline & Metaline Falls

The town of Metaline & Metaline Falls is the northern most town in the county of Pend Oreille. The Metalines were made famous by the production of the Kevin Costner movies entitled “The Postman” The feature was filmed in the area.

Metaline falls is a small picturesque community with a population of nearly 250 residents and features some of the most beautiful country in the state of Washington.

During the summer and and fall months, the area offers a 10 mile train tour throughout the area and is one of the best ways to see the changing of the seasons. During the fall you will experience the best vantage point to watch the changing of the leaves.

The train is opporated by the Lions Club. The excursion leaves Ione and arrives in Metaline Falls.

For more information please visit the Lions Club Train Website