Newport Washington Rodeo and Bullarama

Newport Washington Rodeo and Bullarama  Coming this June 23 & 24 is the Newport, WA. Rodeo. Come join the fun at the rodeo! The even kicks off on June 23 … Continue Reading →

Restaurants in Sandpoint Idaho

With more than 30 restaurants to choose from Sandpoint and the surrounding areas have plenty of options when it comes to getting a bite to eat. Whether you’re in the … Continue Reading →

Sandpoint, Idaho

Getting to Know Sandpoint Idaho Sandpoint is situated in Northern Idaho, a small town on the shores of the beautiful Lake Pend-Oreille. The city of Sandpoint is home to just … Continue Reading →

the american redoubt

The Great Redoubt

The Great Redoubt You may or may not have heard of the movement that is being called “The Great Redoubt” or “The American Redoubt” but it’s an important term to … Continue Reading →

Summer Adventures in Pend Oreille

Summer Adventures in Pend Oreille Are you looking for some adventure in the Pend Oreille River Valley, well lets get started right away! Sullivan Lake Starting in the northern portion … Continue Reading →

Shopko Coming Soon to Newport-Oldtown

Shopko Coming Soon to Newport-Oldtown  Until now it’s not been very often that we see new businesses come to our area, but the rumors turn out to be true, a … Continue Reading →

Hydro-Plane Races Pend Oreille River Newport-Oldtown

Hydro-Plane Races Pend Oreille River Newport-Oldtown Come see the fast paced excitement of the annual hydroplane races on the Pend Oreille River in Newport/Oldtown. The event will be held on … Continue Reading →

Bed And Breakfasts Pend Oreille

Bed And Breakfasts Pend Oreille County and the Valley Beyond! Pend Oreille is famous for it’s Bed & Breakfasts and we have plenty to choose from across the Pend Oreille Valley. The … Continue Reading →

5 Fun Things to do Summer Pend Oreille

5 Fun Things to do Summer Pend Oreille The Pend Oreille Valley stretches far beyond the borders of our fine county. The Pend Oreille Valley is home to an ample amount … Continue Reading →

Heat Wave Pend Oreille Washington 2015

Heat Wave Pend Oreille Washington 2015 Here are some Suggestions to stay cool! The Pend Oreille River Valley is currently experiencing incredibly warm weather for this time of year, actually … Continue Reading →